Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hypocracy thay Name is Politics..

I've taken a bit of a break from my blog as of late because of the holidays but it's high time I jumped right back into politics and what better way to start than to discuss our rather dishonorable and cowardly EX Vice President Dick Cheney...

I've discussed Dick at least once before and how his opinion on national security issues literally means NOTHING to me. Mainly because any man who got managed five deferments during a time of war has no business discussing war or security IMHO..but sadly Dick still seems to think people give half a rat's arse what he thinks. He has made the claim that President Obama has pretended that we aren't at war with terrorism and by trying such terror suspects in Federal court is a sign of weakness. Funny how when Richard Reid (aka Shoe Bomber) attempted the same terrible feat as the Christmas day bomber he was arrested and tried in Federal Court with all the Constitutional rights as anyone in America..and just like the Christmas Day bomber he was foreign national. Amazing how Dick didn't seem to mind back then..

Now most Republicans shoot down any comparison because our security apparatus is supposed to be better than 8 years ago and on that point I agree with them. Those who are criticizing the nation's many intelligence agencies for the same stupidity they practiced before 9/11 are right on in my book, but many other things you hear out there is just garbage. Such as, "Obama waited too long to talk to the nation about the attempted attack", which makes little sense considering Bush waited 6 days (compared to 3 days Obama waited) to talk to the nation about the Shoe Bomber and even then when you watch the press conference Bush talked about it like an after thought. To those who claim that we are less safe under President Obama compared to when Cowardly Dick was in office, I call BS. I've researched this theory and found that Obama hasn't changed hardly any of the security measures and the apparatus is identical to how it was when old Cowardly Dick less office a year ago...

What I will acknowledge that Dick said that has some truth is that Obama does treat the War on Terrorism differently than he and Bush did and Thank God for that. Obama treats terrorism not just as attacks on America but for what they truly are, crimes against America. But this policy of using the Federal Courts was Started by the Bush Administration who didn't even start the idea of military tribunals til the end of his term and for some cases they are more fitting (such as KSM), but I also understand why Obama's Attorney General wants to try them in Federal Court, because it helps promote America's image of a just nation who gives everyone their day in court. This is a very noble goal but ultimately holding these criminal and religious nut jobs responsible should be the real goal and at least what Obama is doing isn't breaking any international laws (unlike GITMO).

Finally, to the waste of oxygen that is Rep. Hoekstra. This "representative" of the Great State of Michigan is using the Christmas Day attempted attack as a fundraising opportunity in that state's gubernatorial race this year by claiming that is all Pelosi/Obama's fault that attack almost happened and therefore he needs your money!....Just remember readers, if these idiots want to be that uber partisan about Terrorism just remember that 9/11 happened on their watch and since then their hasn't actually been a successful attack on American since Obama took office he has Bush beat by default. Now in all honesty I know such partisan comparisons pointless and inaccurate but when it comes to Republicans lately...Forrest Gump said it best, "Stupid is as Stupid Does"...

Just one more thing before I go. I've just got one question for Mr. Cheney and Mr. Hoekstra...How do you sleep at night you little pricks?

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  1. Fun to look back at my older pieces, especially how little I used to censor myself in terms of language. Not to mention my rather "rough" writing style. However I am grateful folks still read these old articles.

    Thankfully my writing has gotten more.."refined" over the last 2 years and less like the rantings of a poor college grad lol..