Saturday, June 18, 2011

Something Refreshing in Politics..Seriously!

On Friday, something rather rare and amazing happened in the world of politics..A well known public official called for not stooping to shallow personal attacks against a politician of the opposing party...Hang on, I'm now getting reports that...yes, I have reports that it is snowing in Hell!

OK so perhaps it's not quite that rare but I honestly can't remember hearing such a statement from a well known and well liked political figure in some time and I almost feel like it should be celebrated. This is especially true of Modern Whigs such as myself who see childish personal attacks by politicians on their opponents as part of the reason I began searching for a new political direction.

But back to the story at hand. So who was this seemingly crazy person who would dare to state publicly that the GOP should refrain from demonizing the President? It was none other than Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

More specifically, Mr. Jindal cautioned his fellow Republicans (one assumes he is primarily talking to the would-be GOP Presidential contenders) against demonizing President Obama as Democrats did during President Bush's tenure."We must not mimic their shallow approach," in Mr. Jindal's words..

However one should not take from these statements that Mr. Jindal is a fan of the President. In fact he is a firm believer that defeating the President in 2012 is crucial for the nation and states that, "Hating President Obama is foolish, but defeating President Obama is absolutely crucial".

Now whether defeating Obama in 2012 is so crucial or not is a matter of opinion for most (but not for everyone clearly) but I believe his point is dead-on and I find his attitude against demonizing one's political opponent very refreshing in today toxic political environment and gives me a little tiny bit of hope that there still are smart and civil politicians out there.

Kudos to you Mr. Jindal.

In fact, I almost feel a warm-fuzzy feeling coming on..That is until I turn on Cable News..Or check Twitter..Or Politico..Oh well it was nice while it lasted.

Quotes courtesy Jonathan Martin at POLITICO:

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  1. Obama is DISCRIMINATED against by bigots, he is not "demonized" per se. Bush was not demonized, he was flat out hated, but not because of arbitrary discrimination (as the rich, white Republicans with Obama), but rather because Bush was executing a far right agenda despised and derided by the entire 80% of the people left of him, Cheney, and Rice (the new Third Reich). Obama's policies cater to that 80%, and the only people hating him are the far right 20% that dismiss him out of hand, from his initial entry into the race, through a resounding victory and virtual indictment of Bush's policy and catering to the rich, corporate America, and the uber conservative religious right. If you cater to 20% of rich/white/corporate/religious America, you're going to be hated (by the other 80%). That's Bush. When you don't cater to 20% of rich/white/corporate/religious America, they're going to hate you. That's Obama, thanks to Fox Entertainment, the propaganda arm of that 20% of extremist Republicans and corporate moguls. Two totally different things, for totally different reasons. Even if they're both hate, and demonization.