Indie Resources!

There is nothing the political establishment fears more than an INFORMED VOTER!

As such, here are a few excellent sites for doing political research for yourself, instead of letting pathetic partisans on cable news do it for you!

- Great resource for tracking the progress of House and Senate bills and how your elected "representatives" actually voted, not necessary what they said in their newsletter clogging your physical and virtual mailboxes. 

- An excellent resource for searching everything from who the contenders are in an election, to prior election results and current make-ups of government bodies all over the country. Best party, IMHO, is that you can even research local races for state legislators and not just the national headline races. 


- Want to see all the major political polls for a particular event/debate going on in the country? Want to do it WITHOUT the cable news "commentary"? This is the site for you!

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