Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pennsylvania's Attorney General Faces Possible Indictment over Leaks to Newspaper..

Definitely not the kind of publicity the Democratic Party is looking for so early in the new year..

Attorney General Kathleen Kane has been something a rising star within the Democratic party since his election in 2012 as Pennsylvania's first female Attorney General.

Her victory has often been linked to strong support from former President Bill Clinton, who campaigned strongly for her in 2012, including during the primary election (probably wouldn't have anything to do with the fact Kane's primary opponent supported Barack Obama back in 2008...).

While not much information has necessarily been released concerning the possible charges against her, they appear to stem from a claim she released potentially damning investigate material of political opponents to a newspaper.

Stay tuned for this one, as I suspect once an indictment comes, more details will be released and this could turn out to be more than just bad publicity for the Democrats..

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