Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sanders Gaining on Clinton in Iowa

Today a new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll was released and for the Democratic side of the race, it's a mixed bag.

For Hillary Clinton, the bad news is that her lead in the state is fast disappearing, down to just 37% support among Democrats polled.

She does get one small piece of good news: 61% of those Democrats polled don't find her email scandal important. Though if that really is the case, what is the cause of her slipping support among Iowa Democrats?

For Senator Bernie Sanders, his insurgent candidacy is gaining more and more steam in the early states, with Sanders polling 30%, just seven points behind Hillary Clinton. Further, the majority of Sanders' supporters are doing so because they truly believe in his ideas and aren't just doing so because his name isn't Clinton.

Good to see that the Democratic side of the race isn't getting stale and boring in wake of the GOP's turbulent race for the top..

Iowa Poll: Clinton leads, but Sanders draws near

Here is the actual polling data:

Is Trump's candidacy the beginning of a new era or Just the end of the GOP?

Just a little over four years ago, I posted a piece entitled; Looking for a Jack Ryan President.., in which I posted the political dream of having a President said what he meant and asked the American people to break the vicious cycle in Washington D.C. by electing non-career politicians to Congress in the aftermath of a national tragedy...

Sad bit was, this call for a return to sanity for American politics didn't come from any presidential hopeful, it came from a fictional character in a book written by the late-author Tom Clancy back in 1996.

Amazing how in four years, sadly nothing has truly changed in American politics. Political wannabes promise if elected, they will do everything in their power to undo all the terrible things POTUS has done and not let him get away with all his shenanigans anymore...Just a few months into office and most GOP voters are already having "buyer's remorse" with the GOPers they elected to Congress in 2014. Time and time again, GOP congressional leadership, who made their bones calling POTUS everything short of a traitor to get into their positions of power, have instead rolled over and allow the very things they said they would stop, happen anyway.

Even worse, when some young anti-establishment politicians try to make a political stand (whether for good reasons or not), these same GOP leaders beat them over the head with talk of lacking "professionalism" in their duties as congressmen.

So after getting taken for a ride by the GOP leadership over the last two years, many within the GOP's ranks (and some outside of them) have rallied around a candidate who have never been taken seriously under any "normal" circumstances.

That's right, I'm talking about Donald Trump.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Republican Party, R.I.P. (1854-2016) via RedState

One thing you can say about Erick Erickson, he doesn't really beat around the bush does he?

A fascinating read about the GOP's future (or lack thereof) and IMHO, a very real possibility..

Could 2016 really be looked back on as the day the Republican Party died?

Republican Party, R.I.P. (1854-2016)- RedState

Friday, August 21, 2015

Reuters Exclusive: Dozens of Clinton Emails may have been Classified From the Start

The Clinton email scandal just gets more messy all the time..

Wiped servers (per the FBI), idiotic denials by Clinton herself (does anyone really think she is that stupid?), and now this exclusive from Reuters.

Kudos to Reuters' Jonathan Allen for this interesting story.

Exclusive: Dozens of Clinton Emails may have been classified from the start

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Feeling the Bern: Sanders Campaign powered by 350k donors

"Feeling the Bern" has become the favorite catchphrase for the insurgent campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders and for good reason. Seemingly everywhere Sanders goes, there are huge crowds (sometimes even over-shadowing the Donald's crowds) and now we have some hard numbers to back up that popularity: 350,000

That's how many donors have contributed financially to the Sanders campaign, reportedly more than ANY candidate in the current presidential race.

So what is behind the "Bern"?

I'll leave that to The Economist's V.V.B., who recent piece Bernie Sanders on tour:Chicago feels the Bern, gives a good idea of the "genius" (or madness) of the Sanders campaign.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Trump Finally Unveils Immigrant Policy: End Birthright Citizenship, Deport, & a Wall

Donald Trump has received a lot of flak as of late for being all talk and no details on his wide-ranging policy opinions, none more mocked/ridiculed than his opinions on immigration reform.

Now, Trump has released some details on his proposed immigration policy and to say it will drive amnesty-oriented immigration activists up a wall, would be pretty charitable.

For more details, please read The Washington Post's Sean Sullivan's piece:

Donald Trump: Undocumented immigrants 'have to go'

Good to see the Donald is finally putting some policy where his mouth is, but whether its the RIGHT policy to win over Republican primary voters, is another question entirely..

Saturday, August 15, 2015

#SOSStrawPoll at Iowa State Fair Results: Bernie Leads!

One of the benefits/irritations of being from Iowa is that every four years you get to explain why the Iowa State Fair is all over the national news.

Because of a little thing called the Iowa Caucus, which will be early next year, and is the first-in-the-nation vote for the presidential candidates from both parties. 

And one of the "attractions" at this year's State Fair is an informal (and I would assume, "unscientific") poll taken by Iowa's Secretary of State. As of Saturday night, over 2000 participants from the State Fair have taken part in the poll and here are the results:

The obvious bit that jumps out at your from this poll is Bernie Sanders leader over Hillary Clinton and also the fact that far more votes for Republican candidates have taken place than for the Democrats.

However, I have to mention that this is apparently an unscientific poll and thus should be taken with a rather large grain of salt...

Interesting results nonetheless..

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

BREAKING: Sanders Leads Clinton in Latest NH Poll!

Rather striking that the same day the FBI inquiry into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server turned up at least one email with "top secret" information, also happens to be the day a new poll comes out of New Hampshire showing Clinton losing the lead for the Democratic nomination..

Specifically, this new poll comes from the Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald and show Senator Bernie Sanders taking a 44-37 lead over Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

The main hesitation point I would offer concerning this poll is its small survey size: only 442 participants.

Whether Clinton's falling poll numbers are connected to her ongoing scandal over her questionable* use of government email is of course up for conjecture, but it's damn unfortunate timing..if you're working for the Clinton campaign that is.

* = In other words, activity that would get literally ANYONE ELSE FIRED

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Republicans aren't the only ones with an activist "problem"..

The 2016 presidential race has definitely taken a turn for the interesting over the last few months.

On the GOP side of the house, they have a massive field of candidates, which had no clear front-runner until arguably the most unlikely of serious candidates, Donald Trump, came onto the scene. Now the GOP is torn between the establishment who is frightened by the prospect of candidate Trump and elements of the party who see him as a "savior" of sorts. 

The Democrat side of the house on the other hand, is a quite different story. From the start, there wasn't much serious talk of Hillary Clinton having any competition for the Democratic nomination. Even when contenders like Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley announced, few political observers/reporters took more than a curious interest. 

Today, Bernie Sanders is seeing massive turnout at seemingly every major event he attends, and unlike Hillary Clinton, his support has all the appearance of real passion from the party's progressive wing. Nationwide polls still show Sanders trailing Clinton by a good ways, but state polls in IowaNew Hampshire, and Minnesota show a much closer race. 

RedState contributor take on Donald Trump: Buyer's Remorse?

RedState's "Streiff" has posted an interesting piece on the "Trump phenomenon" currently going on in the GOP right now.

He has come to a somewhat radical conclusion: Donald Trump isn't necessarily part of the "fringe" of the GOP, he is exactly the kind of candidate many GOPers have been hoping for for years: brash, unafraid of political correctness, and supremely confident in his own opinions.

Trouble is, some more prominent GOPers are having something akin to "buyer's remorse" now that Donald Trump has taken the lead in the 2016 race for the GOP.

Great and simple piece IMHO.

I will leave "Streiff" to explain the rest..

Donald Trump is not conservative but he is not fringe | RedState

Erickson Talks of Trump Dis-Invite Backlash

Erick Erickson gave us an idea of the backlash he has received from dis-inviting Donald Trump from the RedState Gathering in his recent piece at RedState..

What Happens When You Rescind an Invitation to Trump? | RedState

Personally, this whole episode shows the, "quality", of at least some of Donald Trump's supporters..or a lack thereof.