Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Busted: Scott Walker fell for Prankster posing as David Koch

Busted: Scott Walker fell for Prankster posing as David Koch

Regardless of how you might feel about the huge labor fight going on in Wisconsin, it is always interesting to better understand some of the players in this fight.

Now apparently, someone called Wisc. Governor Scott Walker claiming to be David Koch (he and his brother are billionares who are often talked about on MSNBC primetimes shows for being the real force behind the Tea Party and for generally just being evil) and chatted with the governor for a good while about the situation in Wisconsin. Thing is..the guy wasn't David Koch.

Now I am always skeptical of such things, because its possible this isn't really Governor Walker but after watching some speeches of his I'd say it sure sounds like him and considering the details he talks about I'd say it is him. If so, this prank phone call could be big news. Because while most of things he talks about he has already talked about publically there are some things he talks about that are a bit more questionable.

The thing that really strikes me is how long he talks to this imposter (Walker doing the vast majority of the talking) and regardless of whether you like the man or not one thing becomes very clear from listening to these recordings...He really likes to hear himself talk.

I encourage you to listen to both recordings, then do some reading up on Governor Walker and the Koch brothers and draw your own conclusions.