Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Let's Not Impeach Obama | RedState

Let's Not Impeach Obama | RedState

Without giving too much of this article's content away, I just want to say something for the record:

The author of this piece, who goes by the name of Repair_Man_Jack, is about as anti-Obama as it gets, even for the good folks at RedState (hey, at least they're honest about it!).

So for this author to not only denounce talk of impeachment of the President (going so far as to suggest Sarah Palin's public call for impeachment is a desperate attempt at getting attention), but also make some great points as to WHY the path of impeachment is illogical and ultimately not justified, is no small thing.

I think this quote from the piece best sums up this idea of impeaching the President:

"You, I and Governor Palin can all believe Barack Obama willfully subverted the accepted spirit of American Jurisprudence to our heart’s content. However, a system that allowed for faith-based prosecution would be no more just than what happened to Brandon Eich. The same code of laws that makes the process of impeachment available demands the presumption of innocence even as it serves as a fulcrum to persecute the most disingenuous people to be brought before the courts."

Kudos to the author for this short but well-put piece.