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We Americans live in a country that is often represented in the media  as being in a state of seemingly constant political "chaos", but in reality a country with a political structure more along the lines of "business as usual".

Real change is resisted on nearly all fronts and when "change" is publicly pushed, it more often than not is to advance a political agenda and NOT for the greater good of the country.

Political activism in many corners of American life is being replaced with cynicism...

Politicians are becoming less and less representative of the people of this country and prefer more to demonize their "enemies" than actually try and make the government actually work.

But all hope is not lost.

More and more younger Americans are becoming politically active and rejecting the "business as usual" activities of the two major political parties of America.

So while this more independently-minded generation may not necessarily agree on much, one thing that we should all be able to rally around is that America's political system needs REAL CHANGE...and what better way to bring about such change then through thoughtful conversation and debate?

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