Sunday, June 21, 2015

Breitbart: Illinois GOP State Senator's Crony Capitalism Revealed

For those who assume the folks at spend all-day picking on President Obama and the Democratic Party in general, here is a slight change of pace for ya.

Revealed: Darin LaHood's Crony Capitalism Deals Funnels Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to Campaign Donors

Out of Uniform & Into the Political Fray- ForeignPolicy

An interesting piece by Foreign Policy Magazine's Sean Naylor discussing the grey area surrounding retired military personnel becoming involved in politics and public policy.

Specifically, he discusses the recent case of Lt. General Michael Flynn (Retired) was, until last August, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (which is the DoD's intelligence agency, independent of the likes of the CIA). 

Lt. General Flynn has not been bashful about his criticisms of the current administration's foreign policy decisions over the last few years, believing it is his duty to speak out.

Strictly speaking, given that Lt. General Flynn is now retired, he has every right to be politically active (activity that is VERY restricted for active military personnel, something I can attest to). 

An interesting topic and an insightful read folks, give it a look!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

10 Ways Political Parties Control Your Vote- Independent Voters Network

In a thought-provoking piece on the Independent Voters Network (IVN), author Daniel Kim (a legal intern for the Independent Voter Project) lays out 10 fairly straight forward ways the dominant political parties of America today have the system seemingly rigged in their favor.

Not saying I agree 100% with all his points, but at the very least this list should enlighten folks on how the electoral system REALLY works in America today..

10 Ways Political Parties Control Your Vote- IVN

Jenner, Gender, and Debate | RedState

A short and simple piece by RedState's Joe Cunningham on how daring to even discuss/question the concepts of sexuality/gender identity has become yet another example of the "tyranny of the minority"...

Jenner, Gender, and Debate | RedState