Sunday, December 30, 2012

Manchin Introduces 'CALM' Act to Ease Fiscal Cliff - Joe Manchin, United States Senator, West Virginia

Manchin Introduces 'CALM' Act to Ease Fiscal Cliff - Joe Manchin, United States Senator, West Virginia

Have to give Manchin credit for being brutally honest about his own proposal, it isn't great but it sure beats the hell out of nothing. The fact that any Senator has had to resort to preparing such a "contingency plan" is truly pathetic and shameful.

I haven't really posted much on the Fiscal Cliff crisis because I think the news pretty much speaks for itself. You folks don't need me to tell you that what has been going in Washington D.C. for the last few weeks is beyond the usual idiocy and lunacy of D.C.. Congress (and to some extent the President) have not only disgraced their hallowed institutions, they have proven what many of us have been saying some time now: Congress has become so dysfunctional that they can't even come together for the most basic needs of the nation. The only "good" thing that will come from this crisis is millions of Americans have had their eyes opened about the disgraceful behavior of the federal government and perhaps now they are prepared to hold our "representatives" truly accountable for their actions.

I still hope some kind of deal can be achieved before the deadline just ~36 hours from now, but I'm not holding my breath and I thank Senator Manchin for actually bothering to prepare a contingency plan in-case the talks fail at the last moment.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

10 facts about Chuck Hagel - Leigh Munsil -

10 facts about Chuck Hagel - Leigh Munsil -

Much talk has floated around today about Chuck Hagel being a strong contender for Secretary of Defense for President Obama's 2nd term. Mr. Hagel is certainly a man full of surprises with many rather bold (some may say dangerous) positions on many political topics. Since there is so much talk about Mr. Hagel, I wanted to re-post of Gee-Whiz knowledge about the man so that my readers can get a better idea of who this fella is.

As always, I strongly encourage my readers to go out and do their own research on Mr. Hagel before jumping to the conclusions created by the Partisan Media.

Good luck folks!

The Republicans Have Failed the Nation | RedState

The Republicans Have Failed the Nation | RedState

Monday, December 3, 2012

Rick Santorum, WorldNetDaily columnist...So Funny It's Sad

Rick Santorum, WorldNetDaily columnist

Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel but hey, what does a rag like the WND care about the "authenticity" of one of their columnist's so-called conservatism? We're talking about a political loser so awful, the good folks at sites like RedState rightfully pointed him out to a conservative fraud with about as much fiscal conservative credentials as the President (see Santorum's Hypocrisy is Overwhelming).

Wait a second, you say Rick Santorum has an irrational hatred of gays and thinks they will be the end of America as we know it and various other hateful things (see Tea-baggers' Greatest Hits)? Well in that case, what took WND so long to recruit him!

I'm just glad that Rick has found yet another method of making himself more political irrelevant, with any luck, maybe next year he can get a job as Terry Jones' spokesman!