Friday, January 15, 2010

God Bless Haiti....Pat Robertson, not so much..

If you haven't been living under a rock for the last are aware of the incredible disaster that has happened in the nation of Haiti...a 7.0 earthquake has devasted the nation and the world is scrambling to help including thousands of American troops and millions of dollars of food and water are headed there as we speak...a disaster in our own hemisphere and as such most Americans are united in their concern and actions towards our southern neighbor...Almost all Americans that is...

Rush Limbaugh had the audacity today of claiming this disaster plays right into Pres. Obama's hand and people shouldn't send money to the Red Cross and other organizations because their information could be used by Obama to send them emails or politicals ads or whatever.....Can you believe this nutjob? To Rush nothing Obama does is ok and he just can't seem to stop himself...I have no respect of this supposed American..because his "free speech" to me borders on treason and someone just needs to tell him to SHUT THE FUCK UP....for once...

And then there's the great Pat Robertson...the televangelist who is nearly as old as the biblical characters we are all familiar with...while he has told his "followers" as he calls them, to pray for Haitian people...he made the claim that when Haiti was still under French rule, Haitian leaders made a deal with the devil to drive out the French and that because of this the nation has been cursed by God..claiming it to be a True story...I've never liked Pat because he claims to speak with God and in the same breath call fo the death of world leaders, claims doomsday is upon us, that other Christian denominations harbor the spirit of the Anti-Christ, Feminism is a socialist plot and that Gays and Lesbians are part of the reason 9/11 happened....I only wish I was making this stuff up..Pat Robertson is a hack and a fraud...who only cares about making money and using God to shield his intolerable behavior and attitudes...Pat Robertson is one of the people that drive Americans away from Christianity and make Americans look like religious crusaders to the rest of the world...He is putting it bluntlly..a Waste of Oxygen...but thats a blog for a different day..

These two supposed Americans are not only un-American...they are call for people not to send aid to Haiti or to claim they are cursed for dealing with the devil is not only inappropriate...its just down right stupid and ignorant..not that I am surprised by such actions from these two clowns...Pat, Rush...just do America a favor...Stop Breathing and save some oxygen for the rest of us Aye?

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