Sunday, August 9, 2015

Republicans aren't the only ones with an activist "problem"..

The 2016 presidential race has definitely taken a turn for the interesting over the last few months.

On the GOP side of the house, they have a massive field of candidates, which had no clear front-runner until arguably the most unlikely of serious candidates, Donald Trump, came onto the scene. Now the GOP is torn between the establishment who is frightened by the prospect of candidate Trump and elements of the party who see him as a "savior" of sorts. 

The Democrat side of the house on the other hand, is a quite different story. From the start, there wasn't much serious talk of Hillary Clinton having any competition for the Democratic nomination. Even when contenders like Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley announced, few political observers/reporters took more than a curious interest. 

Today, Bernie Sanders is seeing massive turnout at seemingly every major event he attends, and unlike Hillary Clinton, his support has all the appearance of real passion from the party's progressive wing. Nationwide polls still show Sanders trailing Clinton by a good ways, but state polls in IowaNew Hampshire, and Minnesota show a much closer race. 

But, just as with the GOPers, even rising star Sanders has problems to deal with, specifically the activist movement behind "BlackLivesMatter". 

This group, whose origins lies with the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin, has staged takeovers of at least two events featuring Bernie Sanders. On both occasions, the reason for the takeovers was that while Bernie Sanders was attempting to appeal to the more progressive/activist elements of the Democratic Party, he wasn't (in their and many others' opinions) addressing the racial issues brought up by cases like the death of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. 

More specifically, when the audience of a Seattle event started to boo the BlackLivesMatter activists for disrupting the event, the activists turned around and accused the audience of "white supremacist liberalism".

So, in short, Hillary has Bernie barking at her heels in many of the first primary states and Bernies has BlackLivesMatter activists harassing him at several cities across the country...and we haven't even talked about what will happened if VPOTUS enters the race..

GOPers aren't the only ones having an "interesting" first leg of the 2016 horse race..Let's hope it stays that way!

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