Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Senator Bunning...Further Proof Senate needs Reform

For the last few days, the United States Senate has been nearly brought to a grinding one man...Senator Bunning of Kentucky...The Senate was moving to further extend unemployment benefits to those millions in America who are in need of them and had something very rare in Washington these days, Bipartisanship...but that wasn't enough for Senator Bunning...He used his power as a Senator to hold the legislation...Why? Because it's a matter of principle, because this legislation isn't paid for and adds to the deficit...which sounds like a great thing for a Senator to do these days of over-spending and rising deficits...just one little problem with Sen. Bunning's "principles"...he just now seems to have found them.

Senator Bunning has had no problem voting for entitlements, war spending, and huge taxcuts in the past few years that were also not paid for...and not only that he actually touted them as some of his best why did he suddenly change his mind and find his "principles"? Could it be because he isn't running for re-election? Is it because he is seen by members of his own party as an embarassment/liability? We may never know..but what we do know is the Senator Bunning is a Hypocrite and for keeping unemployment benefits from millions of Americans he should be laughed out of the Senate Chamber...But he is just another example of why the United States Senate desperately needs Reform..

Senator Bunning was able to reek all this havoc because of an unwritten Senate rule allowing a single senator the power to hold legislation for any or no reason all for as long as he wants...Can you believe that? These overpaid, overrated and corrupt Bastards can bring the Senate to a grinding halt for no reason at all...How arrogant are these people? They talk about how much greater the President's power has grown in the last 50 years but few trully understand how powerful INDIVIDUAL senators are today...They have no term limits...they can increase their pay every year if they want (and they almost always do these days), they get Federally funded Healthcare insurance, and they can halt legislation simply because they feel like it and don't need any justification...If there was ever a time for people to wake up and see how corrupt the United States Senate is today this Moronic Senator from Kentucky's actions are it...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...if Americans think that the Senate is ever going to simply wake up and Reform themselves for the good of the country they are dreaming!

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