Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Looking to Harding & Coolidge for Economic Wisdom?

Today I received a mailer from the Public Interest Institute, an Iowa-based non-partisan policy group, that included a rather interesting economics piece.

The piece (whose text I will re-post here shortly), makes the argument that the economic policies of President Warren G. Harding and his successor Calvin Coolidge should be used as a model for trying to the fix the many economic problems that ail the United States today, especially focusing on how the government should manage it's money.

Without giving away too much from the article itself I will say this: Though President Harding is often rated today as one of the Worst presidents, I believe that judgement is unfair and when looking specifically at his economic policies and what he did to government spending I think his actions should serve as a reminder that such things can be accomplished. However I also caution my readers that the economic nightmare we are in today when just looking at how the government spends its money is much more complex today then it was in Harding's day and such simple solutions are not likely enough (I wish it was, I really do) but that doesn't make them irrelevant.

The full article:

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