Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crossing the Line between Political Discourse and Un-Americanism

Today I read an article on Huffington Post that really shocked me, and that's a rare thing for me when it comes to American politics. The article in question claims that a blogger on the Tea Party Nation's website actually called on American businesses to NOT HIRE A SINGLE WORKER until President Obama ends his "war against business and my country"...Now let that sink in for a second.

This person, who I refuse to mention by name because they don't deserve the space on this post, has actually written a pledge for business owners to sign that in it's final line calls for said business owners to not hire a single person as long as they perceive President Obama's policies to be both anti-business and anti-American...

So this ignorant waste of oxygen thinks American business owners should punish the millions of unemployed Americans by not hiring them all because of the President's policies? I honestly can't wrap my head around this..

You can denounce the President's policies, call him a socialist/fascist, and even call him Un-American..But to call on businesses to not hire ANYONE because of the President's policies crosses the line in my mind..And that is the line between political discourse and outright Un-American.

And don't get me wrong, I am all for political discourse. I love a good political debate (except the ones on TV) and can tolerate pretty extreme ideas when it comes to how people feel about the government and the President. I myself don't agree with a LOT of his policies and as long as people keep it civil (as in, no racist comments or any of that birther nonsense), I don't get upset about much of anything people say about the President. And when it comes to the Tea Party, I fully expect them to say rather negative things about the President since he is a liberal and they most definitely are not. But this goes too far. Calling on American businesses to send their money to Obama's potential political opponents is fine (whether in donation form or in forming a SuperPAC), but calling for businesses to punish the average American worker simply because you disagree with his policies is just plain Un-American and the person that posted that on the Tea Party Nation website should be ashamed of themselves.

Originally I was going to condemn the Tea Party Nation group as a whole for this Un-American pledge posted on their site, but I decided against it because it isn't right to hold an entire group accountable for the posting of one member of their website. Even for something as stupid as this. However I do hope that somebody from the TPN does denounce this idiotic boycott...


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  1. Looking at that post -- wow. At least the majority of comments are disagreements from the tea party folks, so obviously you can't put the onus on the TPN.

    But... they created the climate where this kind of nonsense can breed and be entered into the marketplace of ideas.

    Its apparent that the person in question thrives on negative attention so maybe we should all just ignore the nasty troll.