Monday, August 29, 2011

I am so going to hell for this blog post | Daniel W. Drezner

I am so going to hell for this blog post Daniel W. Drezner

As if we needed further proof Michele Bachmann isn't qualified for ANY political office let alone the highest office in all the land. "Joking" about Hurricane Irene being punishment from God telling us the Washington D.C. is horribly corrupt (as if we needed an act of God to tell us all that) is beyond insensitive and stupid. She should tell this "joke" to the families of the 35 confirmed dead from this storm, the 7 plus million on the east coast without any power, and the countless others whose homes are under water from the flooding that is getting worse in certain areas as I type this.

But arguably the worst part about this is the fact her staff immediately came out and played down what she said as being "in jest"...As if that makes a bit of difference! Of course she said it "in jest" when you watch the video..But that isn't the point. I honestly don't know which would have been worse, her honestly believing God was punishing the WHOLE of the east coast for the sins of Washington D.C. or it was just a big joke..The only joke here is Ms. Bachmann thinking she is actually deserving of the office for which she seeks..

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  1. If you're doing down for seeing truth, I'll be right IN FRONT of you! We'll ALL be truckin' to hell in a convoy. If that is what it takes to rid the Republic of demogouges like this, I'm in - ALL THE WAY!