Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Emergence of Rick Perry

The arrival of Rick Perry on the Presidential field has certainly made this election cycle a bit more interesting hasn't it?

First he announces he run for the highest office in the land the same day as the Ames Straw Poll in my home state of Iowa which both excites and irritates many GOPers.

Second, he makes his first campaign stop here in Iowa at the same event as rival Michelle Bachmann and not only makes a good impression on the audience, he makes her look like a political prima dona instead of a serious candidate (which I honestly got a kick out of).

And then yesterday he managed to cause some people to scratch their heads (both Democrats and Republicans) and caused some prominent GOPers from President Bush's administration to denounce him outright. What exactly did Mr. Perry say to cause so much trouble in a single day? He more or less stated that if the Federal Reserve Chief printed more money between now and the next election it would be "almost treasonous". Such harsh words being directed as the Fed. Chief is hardly unusual but coming from the new star of the GOP Presidential field it has raised a few eyebrows even from his own party.

Now do I think it is a major stumbling block for Rick Perry's chances at the GOP nomination? Honestly, I doubt it.

However I will give Rick Perry credit for one thing, he certainly knows how to make an entrance..

The Emergence of Rick Perry

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