Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tom Tancredo...Ignoramus in Chief

Over the last few days I have watched segments of the speakers from the Tea Party National Convention..and while everyone knows Sarah Palin spoke during that Convention, I wonder how many people know what one of Colorado's worst, Tom Tancredo, also spoke at the convention. As usual Mr. Tancredo talked on and on how immigrants are killing this country's culture and the usual racist ignorance that we are used to hearing from this political moron...

But he went a little further at the convention...he acutally stated that We should reinstate Literacy tests in America...oy vey..Literacy tests as most students of politics and history know were used to keep African American from voting in the South for nearly a century after the Civil War and leading up to the Civil Rights movement in the '60's...Tancredo wants to reinstate these because he believes too many people who can't speak or read English are voting apparently...
Tancredo is a joke at best..

Seeing Tancredo at the Convention doesn't really surprise me...Tancredo is a racist and an idiot plain and simple and sadly thats been the face of the Tea Party Movement...although funny enough if you ever take a close look at Tea Partier signs there isn't alot of good English in those signs!...the Tea Party's biggest problem to me is their lack of credibility, all their supposedly spokesmen; Sarah Palin, Dick Armey, Michelle Bachmann, and Tom Tancredo, they're all self-serving political losers who are seen by some Americans as everyday folk when clearly they are not...Sarah Palin has no original thoughts, Dick Armey is a political Dinosaur, Bachmann is a loud mouth who makes Palin look like a genius, and Tancredo is a ignorant racist who is desperate for political attention after his dismal (a charitable term) attempt to win the Republican nomination in 2008

If these are the best spokespersons the Tea Party movement can get then they will never win majory political office..Sarah Palin is their only real asset (as sad as that is to say)and without her the movement wouldn't have any credibility all...

Tom Tancredo is not only a political loser...he's not only a racist...he's not only an ignoramus...he's not only a draft-dodger...He is a waste of oxygen and for him I have just one question...how do you sleep at night you little prick?

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