Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday DEBRIEF

I've decided this Super Bowl Sunday to take time between plays (and commericals) to break down this week in politcs and believe me it's been an interesting one..

Firstly, yesterday was the Tea Party Convention in Nashville and as expected it was a media circus and made big headlines as its keynote speaker former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin proved that she can still thrill people with her words. This convention also proves that the Tea Party Movement isn't a unified political movement as many of the most prominet Tea Party organizations actually boycotted the event because the man ultimately behind is possibly hosting it to make a buck as opposed to a "patriotic" need...which also just proves that the Tea Party movement has corruption in it just like the GOP and Dems (big shocker)...In Fact, my home state paper the Des Moines Register today had a frontline story that 33% of Iowans supported the Tea Party Movement while 45% Don't support it and the rest are unsure. I can tell you that Iowa is historically a somewhat conservative state and these numbers don't surprise me at all..Iowa's current Governor is a Democrat and isn't very popular and Iowans are a fickle bunch when it comes to politics, whoever treats them the best gets their vote (Nothing wrong with that mind you!) and this should wake up some Democrats who think states Obama won in 2008 are going to come through for them this fall because while Iowans may still like Obama I can tell you for a fact they HATE Congress right now, both parties!

Secondly, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has seen they light...if not for intelligence then simply to save his own you ask? Today he actually came out and put his support for a Budget Commission to help weed out political waste and be a first step towards a more fiscally solvent Federal Government and for that I will give him a little bit of credit. Such a commission already has some bipartisan support and could be just the thing for the President to boost is position and agenda even in this tough political year...

Finally, Democrats have continued their spinelessness since their loss of the Super Majority and have done nothing since and seem scared to do anything because they fear they will lose their asses in November...and such an attitude is just going to make sure they LOSE this November...if they can't pick themselves up and move on then they don't deserve to govern...I've said it a million times it seems...Just drop Healthcare Reform and Cap & Trade and get a good Jobs Bill started and passed because this will show that at least Democrats acknowledge the plight many Americans are still in...instead of seemingly overlooking it and become obsessed with Healthcare Reform...don't get me wrong, the United States of American DESPERATELY needs some kind of reform or else it will just help expand our already huge deficit even worse...even Obama has suggested that Healthcare Reform could fail and he seems to have already accepted it (as he rightly should) and moved on to Jobs but it seems Congress is still locked into their politically suicidal quest for Universial Healthcare instead of helping everyday very sad indeed..

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