Monday, February 22, 2010

So Let me get this straight...

Can someone explain to me that when the Dems want to pass a much needed Jobs Bill that should have been passed LAST YEAR they have no problem with several smaller bills that are targeted at helping to drive down unemployment...but when it comes to Healthcare reform they just have to make it one HUGE bill whose cost makes most Americans either fait or swear loudly?.....The Moronic logic of politicans these days just fascinates me...though it doesn't shock me.

Also not shocking today was that when the Jobs Bill was voted on for debate (the procedure that allows debate on the bill before it can be passed) the vast majority of Republicans attempted to filibuster it...a Jobs Bill for God's sake!...but there was a silver lining to this vote today..Bipartisanship! I know its hard to believe but 5 Republicans voted to allow the Bill to be debated..and among those Republicans was the now famous Mass. Senator Brown who supposely represents the first wave of a GOP revival...and for that I salute you Sen. Brown, because you looked beyond partisan politics and saw what you Republican collegues apparently do not..that American desperately needs a Jobs Bill to help the economy rebound.

Nevertheless today President Obama unveiled yet another Healthcare Reform plan....I give him kudos for his persistence but even he must know that the Healthcare Reform effort is dead and should just be forgotten and move on to better things (like the Jobs Bill!)....hopefully some day soon Mr. Obama will fully grasp this or else he and his party will pay the price this November...

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