Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Iowa Political News of the Day: Steve King as his usually Charming Self & Rand Paul's Disappearing Act!

I'm always a sucker for political stories from back home in Iowa and it turns out today's story is not only a classic story concerning one of my LEAST favorite politicians back home, also includes a rather telling moment for a major 2016 Presidential contender...

My favorite quote from the piece pretty much sums it up:

"But what of Senator Paul? He was eating a burger right next to King when the activists arrived. He shook their hands, took a bite, then fled, as if he’d forgotten that he’d promised to be somewhere else, like another state.?"

Funny, because that's EXACTLY how many Iowans who don't live in King's district feel!

Rand Paul escapes trap set by immigration activists. But what about 2016?

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