Wednesday, May 7, 2014

GOP candidate for Iowa's U.S. Senate seat NOT Quite the Conservative She Claims to Be?

Sadly I haven't been able to keep as close an eye on some of the most interesting political races back home in Iowa as I would have liked and thus haven't written much on the topic.

Thankfully though, other more dedicated political wonks have been keeping a close eye on arguably Iowa's most important political race this year: the race to replaced retiring U.S. Senator Tom Harkin.

The short version of this race is that the Democrat Bruce Braley is running largely uncontested for the Democratic nomination while the GOP has a wide-open field of potential candidates for the nomination.

Among those in the GOP field is State Senator Joni Ernst, who has earned praise and political support from the likes of the GOP Governor and Lt. Governor and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (which I will try hard not to hold against her..). She has also made quite a name for herself with her rather bold and "unique" TV ads that have helped to drive conservatives in Iowa towards her and sending her to the top of many of the polls.

But one has to wonder, given how obscure most local Iowa politicians are (especially their voting records), has anyone really vetted Ernst's conservative credentials?

Thankfully, Craig Robinson of The Iowa Republican dared to ask this question, and the answers he found may surprise many of those who have rather blindly thrown their support to Joni Ernst.

I won't give away too many details from Mr. Robinson's piece, but needless to say, the information he found on Joni Ernst's voting record did surprise me. Given how close we are the Iowa GOP primary (less than 4 weeks), the need to get accurate information out there to the voters so they can make an honest and informed vote is VITAL and kudos to Mr. Robinson for his efforts!

Is Joni Ernst the Proven Conservative Her TV Ads Make Her Out to Be? - The Iowa Republican

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