Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PolitiFact Busts a Disgusting Batch of Election Year Lies..

Quite recently it seems the good folks at have had their work cut out for them. Specifically, they debunked not but one, but four "stories" being spread by a single PAC called the "Government is Not God PAC".

First off, I find the name of this PAC to be deeply humorous since the same people who accuse the President (and Liberals in general) of pushing an overly secular and hostile agenda towards Christians in America seemingly have NO problem pushing their religious beliefs down the throats of all Americans (such as banning abortion, unconstitutional school prayer, repeal DADT, etc). Of course to anyone with half a brain, there isn't any real difference between groups like this and the folks they claim they are against. When it comes to social issues and the federal government, EVERYBODY has an agenda whether it be religious or secular in nature. As such, trying to push either on the nation as a whole is equally "bad". It the same kind of incredible hypocrisy that allows many social conservatives to demand the government get out of our lives while simultaneously demanding the government get involved in social issues that are literally in our bedrooms. At least Libertarians have the decency to see one can't advocate one while denouncing the other.

But that's enough about worthless and hypocritical UBER-conservatives (as opposed to plain and decent conservatives who are generally good folk with sense). I'll the proper critiquing of these idiots to the folks at PolitiFact.

PAC's Newspaper ads Full of Crap- Politifact

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