Sunday, December 28, 2014

BREAKING (Not Really): GotNews' Chuck Johnson Resorts to GradeSchool Insults! - UPDATE!!

In a somewhat comical change of pace here at IndieRadicals, I've decided to have a bit of fun at Charles "Chuck" Johnson (renowned and reviled conservative author/journalist)..

For those of don't know or follow Mr. Johnson on Twitter, his the creator/editor of GotNews and has a rather colorful reputation on Twitter.

To put it simply, he is arguably one of the most divisive folks in American politics on Twitter today. For every supporter, he seems to have a dozen or so haters (and I mean haters!). 


Well, his method of journalism is definitely not what most would call conventional and he often specializes in digging up "dirt" on those he deems necessary/deserving. This ranges from liberal politicians to those at the center of some news story (including the man who killed two members of the NYPD just 8 days ago). 

His main goal is to expose, embarrass, and ultimately dismantle the so-called "mainstream media".

Which brings us to tonight's not-so breaking news.

While exchanging insults with Jordan Hoffman (freelance reporter for NY Daily, The Guardian, and Times of Israel), Chuck's usual "wit" seems to have been exhausted and he began to resort to tactics more akin to grade-schoolers..see below:

Then again, is arguable that Mr. Hoffman resorted to childish tactics first...

Still, for someone who mocks the MSM and makes it his business to destroy everything they stand for, one would expect him to take the "high ground" when arguing with a member of the MSM..

But hey, who actually lives to their own movement's expectations?

Now back to our regularly scheduled political programming...


Must be doing something right, because shortly after I published this post, Mr. Johnson "un-followed" me on Twitter!

I was so sad, I almost quit Twitter right then and there..then I remembered that I couldn't possibly care less if folks can't take the truth and a bit of satire ;)

Carry on folks!

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