Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shutdown Watch: ObamaCare Geewhiz from Bloomberg News

For those you watching the government shutdown/slow-motion train wreck such as myself, you'll have noticed that the debate over "ObamaCare" has become intertwined with the attempts by both parties to pass a continuing resolution (not an actual budget of course..a topic for a different day).

How and why ObamaCare has become a political front-line issue again is a fascinating (and aggravating) debate in its own right but given the renewed interest in arguably the most well-known political "victory" of President Obama's 1st term, it might be a good idea to re-educate folks on the very law that is causing such a fuss.

Thankfully (for me anyway), Megan McArdle of Bloomberg News has summed up many of the major arguing points about ObamaCare for us: 11 Pieces of Obamacare Conventional Wisdom That Shouldn't Be So Conventional

As to the debate over these continuous resolutions to keep the federal government open into the next fiscal year, I will leave that for a later date but I will leave you all with this thought: I've watched politics for quite a while now and unlike all previous government shutdown threats, I have a strong feeling that we WILL see the Federal Government shut down come Tuesday, October 1st. So be prepared folks, we're in for quite a political show the next few days...

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