Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CNN Panel and Cop-killer Dorner: Idiocy Ensues!

First off, I need to get something out of the way when it comes to this Christopher Dorner business before I rip CNN a new one...

I'll be blunt: I couldn't give two rat asses about Christopher Dorner beyond the fact the man was a cop-killing murderer. I don't care about his "manifesto" (which I have no interest in ever reading), or his pathetic attempt to justify his actions. I don't care about his sob-story about how he was unjustly fired from the LAPD or any of that crap. Here is all I care about or need to know: he was a murderer and an absolutely pathetic excuse for a human being. That fact he has some opinions about politics or anything else is completely mute because he is a criminal and as far as I'm concerned, criminals have no right to an opinion that anyone should give a crap about.

Now, as many folks who watch Fox News or cruise the Internet know, a rather disturbing thing happened live on CNN this afternoon. Normally, I don't watch cable news these days for the simple fact that I don't have the time or the patience anymore for that crap. However on this occasion I was in a public place where CNN was on and was more or less forced to watch. Below is what I and millions of other Americans saw:

There are a LOT of things wrong with this little bit of television and I have no urge to cover them all but I do have one rather blunt point: What kind of moronic opening question is that? I'm sure some will say it's a fair question that should be asked in a situation like this but I strongly disagree. Just as this worthless waste of skin HAD no right to a political opinion anyone should bother hearing, anyone who even remotely sympathizes with him should be treated much the same way. Now some folks will probably say that is too harsh and clear-cut and is generally unfair. Here is the flaw in that argument:

Let's say for a moment that instead of being a disgraced former LAPD officer with a left-wing political agenda (including claims of racism against him), that Christopher Dorner was a home-grown Islamic terrorist who committed the same kind of crimes (multiple cold-blooded murders) and who also had a "manifesto" and has a strange Internet following. Who honestly thinks for even a MOMENT CNN or any other major news agency would ask such a stupid question? Bottom line is, this man was a criminal and a murderer and few if any would even care whether his potential "sympathizers" have legitimate points or not.

I would normally close with a bit about how ashamed CNN should feel for this clip but I don't honestly see the point. CNN stopped being ashamed of what they broadcast some time ago and is just desperate for viewers..ANY viewers, even the pathetic and useless sympathizers of the now deceased Mr. Dorner.


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