Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hoping for Some Political Chaos..Crazy Right?

First off, I want to apologize for my absence as of late. As my readers have no doubt noticed, I haven't posted much in the last few months (which conveniently lines up with the result of the presidential election, though such a correlation is purely baseless..sort of). As to the reason(s) why, the most obvious one that probably comes to some of your minds is the person I preferred for the highest office in the land didn't win and I've been sulking ever since. While that answer would be easy, simple, and predictable, it barely scratches the surface as to why I haven't posted as of late. The simplest answer is, I have had a complete lack of inspiration to write.

Was I shocked by the result of the election last November? Not really. As my readers know, I was never a huge fan of Mitt Romney but in the grand scheme of things, President Obama greatly disappointed me with his first term and I honestly don't believe he deserved another term but hey the majority of the voters that day disagreed with me and I fully respect that. President Obama ran a better campaign and won fair and square (unless of course you read WorldNetDaily, at which point you might as well stop reading this blog now).

However, since the election, politics have largely returned to the status quo with a strange degree of predictability. The "Fiscal Cliff" turned out just as everyone predicted: the GOP's opposition to the President collapsed at the last second, the result of which caused mass chaos within the Republican Party and further strengthened the President after his reelection.

Then of course, we had the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Traditionally, we hear that such events should unite the nation and shouldn't be exploited for political reasons: Yet, predictably as always, within hours of this terrible and despicable act of evil, pathetic partisans from both sides began jockeying to take advantage of this terrible act and I can guarantee that for millions of Americans this was no shock. It has become the norm that such apolitical events be politicized so quickly and for that we should be angry..Hell, we should be pissed, but the sad truth is that for many Americans such actions of disgusting partisanship are so frequent that most see getting angry and vocal about it as pointless. Well, I for one am tried of such events being used to advance these pathetic partisans' agendas.

That goes for right-wing nut jobs who think the President is going to seize all the guns of America and for lefties who think this is a grand opportunity to make the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States as irrelevant as Three-Fifths Compromise. Personally, I think the later is attempting to take more advantage of the situation than the former but regardless, they are both wrong and should be ashamed of their actions over the last few weeks. Again though, this has become "politics as usual" these days and for this reason, I haven't been inspired to write. Politics in America have been become so predictable and "normal" that I briefly lost interest in one of my favorite subjects in life: American politics.

Then, the other day, I finally found a little inspiration. I was having a conversation with a couple of my more politically active friends and I suddenly realized something: what American politics needs right now is a good batch of chaos.

Now I'll be the first to admit this isn't a terribly new idea. Further, "political chaos" is something of a vague phrase. Political chaos to me is when something happens that is out of the box and rattles BOTH Republicans and Democrats. Political chaos is the one of the many reasons so many Americans today like the idea of a strong third party (or parties for that matter) in American politics because they think it will throw the GOP and Dems off-balance and force them to actually EARN the votes of the American people instead of the current racket of forcing the American voter to choose between the lesser of two evils.

On the other hand, there are multitudes of folks (especially political insiders) who think such chaos is too dangerous and that it will only create more problems instead of solving them. Such folks prefer the status quo because it makes them feel safe and because at some level, they don't trust the American people to make the tough decisions in times of crisis.

But for me, the actions of the GOP and Democrats over the last decade have taken partisanship to levels we have never rarely seen in American history and the worst part is, neither party seems terribly bothered or ashamed about it. Sure from time to time they will speak out against partisan politics, but only long enough to move their own agendas forward and then go right back to pathetic partisanship because that's all they know how to do. If this is the very best the two only "real" political parties in America can do, I honestly can't see how a bit of political chaos could make our government any more dysfunctional than it already is.

I have preached for a long time now that our government is dysfunctional and that millions of Americans want to see real change and all the while, I was still hoping at some level that the leaders of the respective parties would do something to at least TRY to pull the federal government out of the partisan muck. Shock of all shocks however, neither party has shown any interest at all in such things and I am left with the only logical solution to hope for now: Chaos


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