Sunday, August 19, 2012

FoxNews on Akin's Story: Where's the Coverage "Fair & Balanced"?

In the past I have commented on the ridiculous idea that ANY major media outlet in America is non-partisan, especially in the cases of MSNBC and Fox News. There is numerous examples of how most of the major networks are either blatantly biased one way or another (or in the case of CNN, just desperate for ratings) so I won't waste any one's time with that just yet (don't worry it's coming)..

What I do want to talk about tonight is a rather sad and outright idiotic story out of the great state of Missouri; more specifically concerning its Senate race between Dem. Senator McCaskill and Republican challenger Todd Akin. What makes this race so newsworthy you ask?

Well today Todd Akin really caused something of a stir when during an interview on a local Fox News station he was asked about whether he supported abortion in cases of rape. Now this is always something of a hot issue within the whole abortion debate but how he answered honestly shocked a lot of folks on both sides of the aisle, not to mention yours truly. Just listen for yourself.

Now as you might imagine..Akin's statement has started a rather frightening chain of events within the GOP both in Missouri and nationwide. Why? Because this particular senate race is vital to the GOP's plans to retake the Senate this fall and before this Sen. McCaskill was seen as very vulnerable, but that's like to change. There is actually talk about getting him to step down as the candidate for the race and replaced with ANYONE else at this point and it's hardly been 12 hours since he stated that rather idiotic and pathetically ignorant claim on rape victims and pregnancies.

As a side note, for those interested, here are the actual statistics on pregnancy from rape:

Now you might be wondering what all this has to do with the media's balance in America (Fox News in particular). Now I'll be the first to admit in the past I couldn't much stand to watch their network because of the blatant tilt to the right side of the political ball field but I find them somewhat more tolerable than the other major networks. But here is what set me off tonight. Now this Akin's story is all over the net, with every major news page and political site featuring it as a major story on their main page..all except one: Fox News. As of right now (1am Monday morning Eastern Time), there is only a small mention of this story on the main page of Fox News' website. It is a brief piece on his "apology" for his statements earlier under the Politics heading near the bottom of their page. In fact it wasn't there when I first started typing up this piece 15 minutes ago.

Now, why is it that most major new sites and political pages (such as POLITICO) have this story as a major headline and Fox News has but one small article about it buried at the bottom of their main page? Normally I would just chop this up to each major new agency looking at a story differently in terms of priority but considering how important the senate race is in Missouri for the GOP and Democrats, it should be a major story on Fox News..But it isn't. In fact when you click on their Politics page, it isn't one of the top stories there either. All their top stories are the same "Romney/Obama MediScare" crap they've been talking about all week. So I have to ask, why such little coverage on a major political story Fox News?

We're all waiting.

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