Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heathcare Law may be a Tax, but just how BIG?

There has been much talk lately about the recent Supreme Court decision on the Healthcare "Reform" law passed by Congress several years ago, better known as "Obamacare" (a term I honestly don't much care for). The main focus was the surprise move by Chief Justice Roberts being the swing vote and upholding the constitutionality of the Individual Mandate element of the healthcare law by calling it what many liberals and conservatives have called it from the beginning...A tax.

Regardless, the right-wing of the American political spectrum have had a field day with this decision ever since and many have attempted to now call the healthcare reform law one of the largest tax increases in US history...But according to the good folks at PolitiFact that is not so much the case. Here is their indepth report on the subject:


SPOILER ALERT: Long story short, the healthcare reform law ISN'T the biggest tax increase in US history, infact it isn't even close by terms of percentage of GDP. It does however represent the first major tax increase in nearly 20 years.

There are ALOT of things wrong with the final product from that rather ugly chapter in American political discourse, but don't go calling it something it isn't alright folks?

The views and opinions expressed in the above piece are solely those of the author and not of any political or non-political organization(s).

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