Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Official: Herman Cain Doesn't Deserve to Run

Further proof today that Herman Cain not only isn't savvy enough for the highest office in the land, he doesn't even deserve the opportunity to run for it.

Today on FoxNews Sunday, Herman Cain was discussing Islam in America and made a serious of ignorant statements that in itself make him look like an idiot and a twit, but went even further than that.

First, Herman Cain tried to claim that because Islam in general does not separate Church as State as the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution does and as such it can be treated differently. He went as far as to say when asked by Chris Wallace whether communities had the right to tell Muslims they can't build a Mosque in their community, he claimed they had such a right.

Now first off, how a religion views the issue of Church and State is irrelevant, they are still protected under the 1st Amendment which states the Federal Government (and thanks to the 14th Amendment the respective states as well) CAN NOT infringe on the people's right to exercise their religion freely and as such have no such authority to deny Muslims their RIGHT to build a house of worship.

If that was true, communities (cities and towns) would have the ability to deny Catholics, Baptists, Jews, Sikhs, and Buddhist (just to name a few) the right to build a house of worship. Clearly to anyone who has a brain and has read the US Constitution what Herman Cain stated is blatantly false and if the man can't even understand the 1st Amendment, what makes him think he has any right to run for President?

Secondly, this incident combined with his previous statements on Muslims (in which he stated if he had the opportunity, he would never have a Muslim in his cabinet, then denied it days later and then stated again on national television before back-tracking again saying he would be "uncomfortable" having a Muslim in his cabinet), shows a clear pattern of outright ignorance of Islam and outright bigotry towards them.

Sadly, there are Americans out there who do support such a position and for those people I truly feel sorry. One should pity those who are so willing to deny one group their constitutional rights so easily without even batting an eye but in the same breath charge the government is taking away their rights. I however do not pity them, I am infuriated by them and wonder who drives such ignorance and hypocrisy..

So to Herman Cain I have only this to say, "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"..

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