Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate..Published!

Possibly the biggest political news today has been President Obama finally releasing his actual Birth Certificate (as opposed to the Certificate of Live Birth he has previously showed).

Now I personally was actually holding a bet that Obama would do so before the 2012 Presidential campaign trully started largely because of recent increased interest in the supposed controversy. Now I used the term "supposed" because I never saw this as a real controversy in the first place and I find birthers to be just as worthless in terms of the oxygen they waste as so-called "truthers" who believe the US either knew about or committed the atrocities of September 11th.

But enough about those political bottomfeeders, back to issue at hand.

Not shockingly, Donald Trump has claimed full credit for getting the President to release his actual Birth Certificate and to be fair he does likely get some credit. However I also think that now that this issue is gone Trump's political livelihood will largely cease to exist and now nobody will care much about what he says since nothing he talks about publically will ever get as much attention as the birth certificate issue.

And as you might expect there are those who are saying the President should have done this along time ago and those who said he shouldn't have released it at all since it only feed the birthers instead of starving them. And there is already hints of that since many birthers have already claimed the birth certificate released today is a fake..

Personally I think the President should have just released this back in the 2008 campaign instead of the Certificate of Live Birth he released though as Hawaiian officials have stated over and over that they are legally interchangable. Now whether they are legally interchangable on a nationally level is something strictly up to the State Department who is incharge of such things.

Regardless, I am glad the President finally realised it. I am also willing to personally thank Donald Trump for his statements of support when the birth certificate was released because he could have simply said it was faked and could have rode the issue all the way but instead give the President credit for his actions.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure I give you Barack Hussein Obama Jr's actual Birth Certificate:

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