Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oy Vey...

I hate to say it..but I told you so..Several posts back I discussed the relative stupidity of American Voters on how our very political system works and its history. Some of you may have read it and thought, "surely the American voter can't be that dumb" or something along those lines..but now we have more proof of our own stupidity...Two websites, and the American Revolution Center have recented published polls that should make all Americans shudder and think.

Firstly, the website FindLaw discovered that roughly 2/3 of those who participated in their poll couldn't name a single U.S. Supreme Court Justice..which while understandable considering how relatively little we see of the Supreme Court is still a saddening fact that all Americans should pay attention to..

Secondly, the American Revolution Center sponsored a national survey with 1001 participants to determine how well we Americans understand basic Civics and facts about our very Revolutionary War and the results are..well, Pathetic. As such I will let you read the results for yourself..

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