Sunday, March 21, 2010

History have been made...One way or Another.

Tonight as I watch C-SPAN, I find myself wondering if someday I will look back of this day with pride or with disgust...These votes the House of Representatives (1st for the Senate Healthcare bill and than on the "Fixes") take tonight will be remember no matter who good or bad the bills turns out to be..

This bill, as my home state's biggest paper referred to it, is "OK"..and most definitely not perfect..and I strongly believe this bill should have waited until the American economy was stronger and could better handle the likely increased burden it will place on various elements of our economy..And more simply because we Americans have proved several times in our history that we are more open to social programs when our lives are more peaceful and times are good..But regardless the bill is up for a vote now and it appears all but certain it will pass (with several votes to spare) and we will soon see where it goes from here..There are several State Attorney Generals who claim they will immediately challenge this program as Unconstitutional and most Democrats are largely ignoring such a threat and how such an action will look to the American people is uncertain for now...One thing that is undeniable is this legislation will likely be the biggest policy issue this November and it will be a double-edged sword for the Democratic Party..

Why you ask? On the positive side, Democratic-leaning/Liberal voters will more likely to vote for their party because of it's success with this major piece of legislation...

On the Negative side, those who opposed this bill will be unified in their anger against Democrats..

Ultimately however, its the Independents who will decide those elections this November and their support for this bill is pretty mixed at the moment and this vote tonight will either convince them that the Democrats can govern (though a bit on the slow side) or they will see the Democrats are shoving unwanted burdens are them and will vote for those who stand against the Democrats...

How do I think it will all end? Even I'm not foolish enough to predict that..but mark my words, This is not the last we have heard of this "Reform"...From either side!

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