Friday, November 21, 2014

Progressive PAC poll prefer Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton??

In a break from the "all immigration, all the time" posts as of late, here is a story from the left side of the American political spectrum.

It would seem that at least some "progressives" in America today are not on the Hillary Clinton bandwagon for the upcoming 2016 presidential election circus..

In an internal poll taken by the progressive PAC Democracy for America of their members found that 42% wanted Senator Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) to be their top choice for the Democratic nomination, with Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont) coming in second at 24%. Hillary Clinton followed up closely behind Sanders at 23%. Over a 164,000 members of the PAC apparently took part in the poll.

For those who don't know much about senators Warren and Sanders, I strongly suggest you take a look here at some fairly impartial profiles of the two politicians:

Ballotpedia- Bernie Sanders

Ballotpedia- Elizabeth Warren

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