Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You Know You're a Pathetic Partisan When: RedState Contributor Fails Basic Reading Comp.

Pathetic Partisanship can lead a person to do some rather strange things...including failing basic reading comprehension and make a rather foolish assumption for the sake of critiquing the President.

Case in-point:

Frequent RedState contributor Moe Lane posted a piece this afternoon that mocked a recent political ad piece/tweet by the White House concerning the Equal Pay Act titled Barack Obama: historically ignorant AND astoundingly hypocritical. In the piece, "Moe" poked fun at the President's tweet by pointing out two apparent (to him at least) errors: That the President seems to think man walked on the moon in 1963 (the year the Equal Pay Act was signed) and that he is being rather hypocritical concerning this topic since the White House doesn't actually practice what it preaches (let me pause a second to let you all be astonished for a moment).

First off, here is the tweet and associated image:

Now, as to the hypocrisy of the President's tweet: Moe is making a fair point, since the White House doesn't even pay their female employees the same as their male counterparts, for which he provides an excellent link to back up this point. So far so good, but let's look at that first "error" of his.

When I first started reading his piece, I looked at the President's tweet before I read the rest of Moe's piece and honestly I didn't see what historical error the President had apparently made. So when I read Moe's "analysis" of this, I honestly laughed out loud.


Well when you read the President's tweet, he is talking about how its been 51 years SINCE the Equal Pay Act was signed and how "equal pay" still didn't exist across the country (a topic for another day). So, via basic reading comprehension skills, when I looked at this image featuring a picture of the moon landing and the phrase "IT'S NOT 1963 ANYMORE", with the print the right stating "We've walked on the moon, but women still don't have equal pay", my automatic impression naturally is that he means that SINCE 1963 man has walked on the moon since the Equal Pay Act was signed..

To instead ASSUME (and we all know what happens when you do that..) that the President thinks the first moon landing happened in 1969 is rather puzzling..At first, but when you read the nature of Moe's post, the reason behind this assumption is quite clear:

Being a Pathetic Partisan apparently causes one's to forget basic reading comprehension skills.

Remember kids: Know the risks before striving to become a Pathetic Partisan like Moe Lane. You may become a major contributor at a highly successful conservative website, but your work there may look like it was written by someone who slept through English class...


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