Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Glenn Beck is a Bastard

I have made it no secret in previous blogs that I am not fan of Glenn Beck, not just because of the crap he says but because I know he couldn't survive a week without talking on TV or Radio so he can hear his own voice..However I do respect the man for his own opinions (which he is of course entitled to) and give him kudos for gaining as much success as he has in a short amount of time..but today he has once again shown us that he is still a bastard.

On his radio show today, Beck spent some 8 minutes pretending to vomit over seeing a PSA for Skin Cancer awareness that included Meghan McCain (daughter of Senator John McCain). The reason, he claims is that she is apparently naked in the video. However Mr. Beck is wrong. Several days ago Ms. McCain tweeted that she had just done the PSA and told her followers that no doubt people in D.C. would make a stink of it because he wore a tube top that bared her shoulders...her shoulders for God sake! Oh the humanity! What has this nation come to??

Here is said tweet from Yesterday:
Meghan McCain
Pundits in DC can calm themselves. I filmed a skin cancer PSA in a strapless juicy tube dress. All you can see is my collar bone.
10 May!/McCainBlogette/status/68071207936868352

Obviously I am being sarcastic but Mr. Beck mockery of her alone is not all that newsworthy since he has on many occasions been ridiculed by Conservatives on the internet for being all beauty and no brains. However what makes what Mr. Beck did today so much more angering and disgusting is that fact that he is making fun of a Skin Cancer PSA that Ms. McCain was participating in..a Skin Cancer PSA for Christ's sake!

I have in the past mocked some liberals for saying Glenn Beck is evil and is corrupting American simply because no one man can do such a thing, no matter how hard some may try. However when he mocks someone because of some perceived flaw in her appearance (which is crap) while said person is in a PSA for Skin cancer awareness...I am simply disgusted. Either the man is simply an ass..or worse still he is doing this because he hasn't been in the news much lately. God only knows..but I do know this..The Man is a Bastard.

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  1. You give him too much credit... he's just speaking his insane little mind.

    Solomon Kleinsmith
    Rise of the Center