Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mr. Lieberman...your pants are on fire!

After a bit of research tonite...I've discovered the Joe Lieberman is either the biggest liar in recent political history is one of the greatest Flip/Flopper in recent history (or both)...

In the current political armwrestling over healthcare reform there has been a general "broad" agreement in dropping the so called public option in favor of a expansion of Medicare from those 55-65, meaning they could "buy-in" and therefore allow tens of million of uninsured to get much need healthcare insurance. Many were hopeful that such a mechanism would even attract Mr. Disagreeable Lieberman to support it. Why would they think that? Well...because Joe has advocated such an expansion for nearly a decade, from his run at VP in 2000 to just 3 months ago...so I found it rather surprising (not really but humor me) the Joe Lieberman not only says he won't support such a compromise, he'll help block its passage altogether!

Don't believe me? Read it for yourself: http://www.connpost.com/news/ci_13995773?source=rss

So what changed in 3 months Mr. Lieberman? Did the Health insurance companies who bankroll your political campaigns pull your lease too hard?....or did you look in the mirror and discover that you were acting like a..dare I say...a principled Senator??? Can't have that now can we Mr. Lieberman? Of course not, because as most American citizens know, there is no such thing as a prinicipled Senator. Some claim they are and get on their soapbox but when you look at their true motives for such behavior you quickly realize they are either looking to their re-election or looking to line their pockets.....and Joe is a fine example of such a Senator...how these people sleep at night is lost to me...and Senators wonder why everyone seems to think they need term limits? Because God forbid they actually WORK for the money we pay them to actually accomplish something or they will be out of office for good....

Such behavior from our supposed "Representatives" doesn't surprise me or most Americans much but what does surprise me is that so many people just shrug it off as how things are supposed to work and don't give it another thought. People need to wake up to how corrupt Congress and hold these people accountable or else they are sent packing...but that's a rant for another day...

So in the end I have just one question for Mr. Lieberman...how do you sleep at night you little Prick?

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